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Success Rates

Our Success Rates

We understand that success rates are important for a couple when considering fertility treatment. It is also essential for a couple to understand what IVF statistics mean, so you can make the right decisions.

Frozen & Fresh Embryo Transfers

At Orchid we follow an approach to “Freeze-all” the embryos that reach at the blastocyst stage and transfer at a future cycle, as we believe that the endometrial receptivity will be optimal during a frozen cycle because the woman will not be taking hormones which can cause thinning of the endometrium. This means that although we do perform fresh transfers, the majority of our patients have a freeze-all embryos approach. Approximately half of these cases are combined with genetic testing of the embryos. Studies are showing that by transferring a blastocyst in a frozen cycle the pregnancy rate can increase, especially if the embryo has been genetically tested and found to be chromosomally normal.

As shown in the chart, the pregnancy rate for fresh IVF/ICSI cycles amongst all the different age groups is above international acceptable range.

The Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) pregnancy rate amongst the different age groups is within acceptable range, too. We are delighted to see the high percentage of pregnancy rates with FET cycles, which confirms that the vitrification protocol and system that is in place are successful.

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