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Holistic Support

Holistic Support

At Orchid we provide a range of complementary services such as counselling, nutritional support and acupuncture. These service do not replace advanced reproductive technology but can support you during treatment.


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More and more couples are turning to acupuncture to improve their chance of pregnancy. Acupuncture can reduce stress, balance the endocrine system and increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. Increased blood flow can help stimulate the ovaries to produce healthy eggs and improve the endometrial lining in the uterus. Acupuncture also helps to relax the uterus and stop contractions, so blood flow increases and an embryo successfully implants. Acupuncture it also used to regulate the menstrual cycle can also help to regulate the menstrual cycle and opens the pathways to the brain that play a key role in emitting the proper hormones at the right time. Above all, acupuncture can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.


Families going through IVF treatment can expect to experience a wide range of emotions over the course of treatment, veering from hope to fear and even despair, over the course of a few days or even hours. That Is why we believe it is vital that counselling is offered alongside fertility treatment, so that you have someone to talk to every step of the way, about every feeling you have, however inconsequential it may seem. Sometimes, you might wish to speak to the counsellor together, as a couple, while at other times you may wish to come in individually, and we are always happy to facilitate that. We can support you and your relationship through this challenging time, providing assistance, compassion and encouragement, whatever the outcome.


What we eat supports what our bodies can do. Optimising our diets is essential to succeeding in many aspects of life especially when trying to conceive. This will improve your chances of conception, ensure your body remains as healthy as possible during pregnancy and prepare you for delivery and breastfeeding. A balanced diet during pregnancy will also help provide the foundation for a healthier baby. To compliment your treatment, Orchid offers a free consultation with our Nutritionist to help you understand the impact nutrition and lifestyle has on the success of fertility treatment. The initial assessment will reveal the dynamics affecting each couple after which a practical and realistic tailor-made plan will be designed to help you be better prepared for your journey.

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