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Welcome to Orchid Fertility

Our team of fertility specialists will perform all fertility procedures at our Day Surgery and Laboratory, located in Block E, Al Razi Building 64, Dubai Healthcare City. Our IVF Laboratory is staffed by an experienced team of embryologists and provides a comfortable and supportive care environment. At the Orchid IVF lab, we use an array of specialized laboratory equipment purposely built for the IVF industry and includes:

Embryoscope Incubators

We are excited to have the advanced Embryoscope Plus time-lapse embryo culture incubators installed at Orchid, because patients come first!

Time-lapse technology reduces observational time restrictions and stress to embryos during culture and assessment. With time-lapse you can enjoy undisturbed culture and continuous image acquisition and improve your selection process through a more objective analysis.

Our team is continuously working to improve your IVF success. The Embryoscopes can offer:

Improved implantation rate

Time-lapse improves your chances of transferring a viable embryo, resulting in increased clinical outcome.

Reduced pregnancy loss

Selecting the most viable embryo for implantation also means reducing the percentage of pregnancies lost or aborted.

Shorter time to pregnancy

Improving the clinical pregnancy rate while decreasing pregnancy losses effectively shortens the overall time to pregnancy.

Every member of our team contributes to the fulfilment of our holistic approach – either directly to the treatment process and patient care, or by providing an efficient infrastructure, which makes effective treatment possible.

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