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The science and art of Andrology

The science and art of Andrology

Before one understands the science of andrology, it is beneficial to know the origin of this term. This helps in better understanding of what and why behind andrology. Andrology is derived from a Latin word Andreus that translates to ‘man’ and the suffix ‘ology’ meaning science. Hence, Andrology is the science of a man’s health. This word correlates to as gynecology when we speak of woman’s health.

Andrology involves various general problems related to men’s health that includes infertility, sexual performance, premature ejaculation, mental health and wellbeing, and body dysmorphism and sexually transmitted diseases. Male infertility is the primary cause for 50% of cases of couple infertility and despite this it is less properly assessed and usually neglected. Misinformed couples might be directed to undergo the assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) as IVF and ICSI without treating the underlying reasons. Infertility is a rapidly increasing problem and is found to in 15% of the newly married couple and is marked by no pregnancy throughout the first year of regular marriage in UAE in 2018 compared to 9% in 2005.

Our approach is rooted in the most basic reasons that are often ignored. We diagnose the reasons for infertility in both male and female. Management of the condition and treatment methodologies are discussed with the patients once the root cause is diagnosed and analysed, and a treatment course is set.

This through method of treatment helps us in achieving the best results and highest success.

The most common reasons for male infertility include and not limited to obesity, smoking, industrial hazards like chemicals and radiation, hormonal imbalances ,previous surgeries, infection of the genital systems, blockage of the transferring ducts ,childhood viral infection, general diseases as Diabetes , drugs and most importantly varicocele which is varicose veins condition of the testicular veins. Our efforts are focused on exploring the underlying reasons behind male infertility which are mostly multiple in nature. After the correctional treatment and therapies we observe the improvements after 3 months. In most of cases we encourage our patients to wait for natural pregnancy (provided that the female has normal results in the tests conducted) for a limited period. It is also important to know that there may be cases of unexplained infertility where both couples are perfectly normal still pregnancy does not materialise. After giving a due chance to natural pregnancy and still without any positive results, we offer assisted reproductive techniques that include IVF and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

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