Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of fertility experts have been carefully selected and have extensive regional and international experience in the field of reproductive medicine, speaking a multitude of languages.  The Orchid Fertility team have a deep understanding of the local culture due to their extensive localised and regional experience both in the GCC and Middle East and have a clear understanding of local and cultural sensitivities.  

For more detailed information on any of our team members, or to contact them directly please click on their images. 
Dr Dimitrios Kafetzis
Dr Dimitrios KafetzisMedical Director, Consultant Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
Dr Partha Sarathi Das MS,MSc
Dr Partha Sarathi Das MS,MScDeputy Medical Director, Consultant Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Dr. Amal Al Mulla
Dr. Amal Al MullaConsultant OBGYN & Infertility
Dr Awatif Al-Bahar
Dr Awatif Al-BaharSpecialist Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology
Dr Sreelatha Chackitayil Gopalakrishnan
Dr Sreelatha Chackitayil GopalakrishnanSpecialist Obsetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Mohamed El Khouly
Dr. Mohamed El KhoulyConsultant Uro-Andrologist
Dr Dhiraj Nakra
Dr Dhiraj NakraSpecialist Anesthesiology
Maria Banti
Maria BantiClinical Embryologist & Lab Director
Esteé Van Zyl
Esteé Van ZylClinical Embryologist
Hughlene Baker
Hughlene Baker Clinical Embryologist
Ghinwa Maksoud
Ghinwa MaksoudPharmacist
Harold Jim Calvez
Harold Jim CalvezRegistered Nurse
Jollibee Dela Peña
Jollibee Dela PeñaRegistered Nurse
Janet Marzan Besas
Janet Marzan BesasRegistered Nurse
Adeline Sumayan
Adeline SumayanRegistered Nurse
Maria Catrina Katigbak
Maria Catrina KatigbakReceptionist
Lovely M. Bautista
Lovely M. BautistaRegistered Nurse
Elizabeth Malinao
Elizabeth MalinaoReceptionist
Maricel Guino-o
Maricel Guino-o Receptionist